Our Story

Our company is a partnership between Agman and Magnum Development Corp. Agman is a family owned, multi-strategy investment firm that traces its roots to 1923. Agman, leverages its permanent capital base to partner with exceptional entrepreneurs building enduring businesses. Magnum was founded in 1997 and has owned, operated, and developed property in 15 states. Although our partnership is recent, we are not a new company. The commercial real estate expertise we bring to development projects comes from hundreds of years of combined experience working in over 50 different municipalities across the country.

MAg Partners merges the real estate development expertise of Magnum Companies, and the long-term investment strategy and permanent capital of Agman Partners. MAg Partners was formed to be the real estate development platform for Agman, to expand its real estate investment footprint. MAg Partners joins a team of companies that include: property management, brokerage, asset management, hospitality, food and beverage, multi-family housing, and various other businesses that comprise an integrated and highly strategic set of companies. Independently managed, MAg Partners pursues opportunistic real estate developments that match Agman’s investment goals of smart risk-taking and long-term hold projects.